About Us

Significado is a consultancy and training company which operates at national and international level. We work in areas such as Capacity Building Management Projects; Public Administration Modernisation and Reform; and Human Resources Capacity Building and Training. Significado also provides other services based on innovation methods.

Significado began operations in 2000, immediately requesting certification as a training provider. In March 2001 that accreditation was granted in all areas of the system, as well as subsequent renewals, including the “Distance Learning Organisation”.

In 2006, Significado’s Quality Management System was certified according to NP EN ISO 9001 by TÜV Rheinland. In 2007, the quality certification was upgraded from ISO 9001: 2000 to ISO 9001: 2008 by the same certifying organisation.

Doing things differently, doing them better, bigger, with greater impact and better results at organisational, social, economical and financial levels.
Being innovative… Changing Practices… Growing…
Being resilient… Working as a team… Believing in management based on stimulation
Being supportive… Saying thank you… Appreciating one another
That is Significado’s concept.

We can help you to:

  1. Develop an innovative and competitive idea that matches the smart specialisation strategy of your region and country
  2. Clearly identify the organisation’s problem and perform a market research study, aiming to assess the current state of the art
  3. Diagnose the institution’s capacity building needs and its human resources training needs
  4. Find the right solution for funding each project
  5. Establish good partnerships in multidisciplinary and international projects
  6. Develop an innovative intervention model
  7. Design the project in its different phases
  8. Clearly identify the impacts and results to be achieved
  9. Develop a solid strategy for the organisation’s communication and marketing plans and for the dissemination of good practices
  10. Develop the applications required to the project’s co-financing, either for national programs or for the European Community programs
  11. Ensure a rigorous project management at a technical and financial level
  12. Ensure the projects’ implementation, monitoring and evaluation in its various areas of activity
  13. Develop a Business Plan (where necessary) to ensure that the project is sustainable
  14. Organisation of different types of events related to the project’s communication strategy and the dissemination of good practices: Conferences, Colloquiums, Workshops, Seminars, Outdoors, Shows.

Contact us

  • Name: Significado – Consultoria, Formação e Informática, Lda
  • Address: Av. do Brasil, nº 1 – 1749-008 Lisboa
  • Phone Number: + 351 21 792 37 46
  • Fax Number: + 351 21 792 37 01
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The mission of Significado is to contribute to the human resources empowerment and to the implementation of policies, strategies and practices for a continuous improvement of organisations.


To be the top company in innovation and leader in the Public Administration segment, while projecting its services to the international market.

Quality Policy

In line with a continuous improvement of Significado’s quality system and the legal, financial and ethical characteristics of each client or partner, as well as their most important organisational and human resources needs, Significado has defined for its core activity areas the following intentions and guidelines:

  • Continue to develop a project launching strategy in the area of Modernisation – Consultancy/Capacity Building and Training in the Central and Local Public Administration sectors
  • Maintain the trustworthy relationship with the Central and Local Public Administration sectors as well as the company’s level of credibility in the national and international markets
  • Expand its activity in areas related to social inclusion and look for innovative answers to this kind of problems (namely those related with its clients in the Local Administration sector, companies and groups at risk in these territories)
  • Help its clients to develop projects oriented for the European dimension of our citizenship, our economy and our socio-cultural and educational needs
  • Continuously define quality-related goals and measurable results for those goals, either related to the implemented processes and methodologies or to the project’s development.

Principles and Values

Projects developed in Significado are based on the following principles:

  • Customer orientation and focus on its real needs
  • Addressing of the client’s needs according to the research and innovation for regional, national and European smart specialisation strategies
  • Innovation and continuous improvement focused on a sustainable development at a social-economical, educational and cultural level
  • Performance based on legal and ethical principles
  • Constant performance measurement and strategy flexibility (when necessary)

Our actions are based on the following values:

  • Ethics/respect/empowerment
  • Integrity/trust/credibility
  • Pro-activity/ initiative/ dynamism
  • Seeking for continuous knowledge update
  • Human resources capacity building
  • Promotion of equal opportunities

Our Experience

Throughout its operations, Significado has successfully developed and implemented a high number of training projects, consulting and action training, many of which are based on applications for Community funding programs, for several Central and Local Public Administration organisations and companies (SMEs).
The design and implementation of such training projects has allowed Significado to accumulate experience and relevant knowledge about the specific needs of these organisations, especially in the Central and Local Public Administration sectors, which have been incorporated in new projects with positive results.